How's it goin? My name is Todd Dever and I am the creator of Cool Fonts. Just in case you would like to know a little more about me I thought I would include a little insight into the mind of this font creatin' fool.
I began Cool Fonts in November 1995. The whole idea was to see if anyone was interested in any of the fonts I was creating for my own use. As it turned out there were quite a few of you out there, so I kept creating and you kept coming back. Now my goal is to keep putting out Cool Fonts as often as I can for my loyal font freaks.

My Day Gig
Many of you may wonder, ' Does he make a living at this?'.
In a word... NO, but I do use my fonts in my daily work. I do make my living in creating crazy animation & design. I used to do custom font design, but just don't have the time anymore. My main creative outlet is design & motion graphics with Adobe After Effects, but I also can be found toiling away on Photoshop or Illustrator. I promise I will make more fonts soon.

Other Interests

I also play guitar, sax and various other noise making devices. Although I'm not gigging right now, I have been an active member of such freak ensembles as The Vegetable Awareness League, Liquefaction and Maxilla. I like everything from Punk to Progressive. I'm also an avid tiki fan and design limited edition tiki pins.

I love art & design and you can find lots of good links to friends website on the links page - so check it out.

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