OakraCubo Sample

OakraCubo Sample
OakraCubo Sample

The Newt Juice font family is a funky hand drawn typeface that comes in both Outline and Fill styles. Put them both together in your favorite application and you can get some really organic looks. Newt Juice is perfect for kid stuff or grungy graffiti. While it is an all caps font, the upper and lower case characters are positioned differently to create more variation.
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Newt Juice Outline

Newt Juice Outline works great on its own for everything from Dr. Seuss gone mad to doodle styles.

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Newt Juice Fill

Newt Juice Fill is mainly designed to work with the Newt Juice Outline, but people like to use it on it's own too.

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Trivia: The name of the Newt Juice font comes from a line in the 1984 freak rock song Newt Farms by Maxilla. Tell me that the newts are near, feed me the taste I desire, tell me it's the newts you admire - newt juice in the night....Now you know.


This font is strangely Cubist in the same way Okra is strangely a vegetable. It work great in a distressed type application but when you make it big you can really see the more cubist nature of the font. It great for both high-tech and low- tech.

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